Pro's of Hypen compared with Wix

‘When it comes to building my website can’t I just use Wix?’

This is a repeatedly asked question in the website development industry and one that I have plenty of responses to.

Ultimately this all comes down to what you want from your website, if you are looking for a website to be built quickly and don’t have long term intentions for website growth then Wix is a great option. If you want your business to grow in the long term and have high expectations on functionality then getting professionals to develop your website is the way forward.

1) We can host your website with any provider

With Hypen we can host your website with any provider that you like, if you would like cheaper monthly or annually costs then all you have to do is tell us. We can then move you over to a hosting company of your choice, with Hypen you have total flexibility with almost every aspect of your website.

If you were to use Wix to develop your website you would be stuck with their hosting providers and there is no other way around it. This means that if you are experiencing slow website load time, there isn’t any other way of alleviating this problem.

2) We offer more flexibility in website development

This is a big one, functionality. After all you want your website to look and work as best as it possibly can, you’re more likely to get an increased amount of customers this way! With Wix this platform only allows tools and applications that the Wix development team have built, even though this is ever-growing it is no way near as substantial as bespoke website development that Hypen can offer.

With Hypen there is no limit to the functionality of your website, we don’t have a restricted library of plugins or programming languages – meaning that we can implement all types of features and functionality into your website. Going forward this is a fantastic position to be in as we can keep improving and adapting your website to fulfill your needs.

3) Plenty more website designs with Hypen

As all of our websites are bespoke it means that each site has it’s own website design and theme that is developed from scratch, we don’t use pre-built templates that 100’s of development companies use! Having a bespoke website design means that your site is going to stand out and be unique from the millions of other websites out there.

If you were to use Wix you would have access to plenty of different themes but you can guarantee that these themes will be used by hundreds of thousands on the world wide web, meaning that your website is just like any other site built on Wix.

4) Your site can be changed any time

One of the most restricting aspects of Wix is that once you choose a website template you are stuck with this forever.

With Hypen we can amend and develop your website design at any time if you decide to go ahead with the maintenance package, meaning that your website can be kept current and up to date – instead of staying the same.

5) Better SEO management

There is almost no benefit to building a website if nobody can find it, this is where Hypen shines. 

At Hypen we make sure that your website is SEO friendly (if purchasing a silver and platinum package), we do this by utilising SEO tools and practices.

In contrast, Wix has very limited SEO features – you are still able to add title descriptions but this isn’t quite going to cut it.

6) Can cost you less

Even though website prices may seem daunting at first, they can actually work out cheaper in the long run. With a Hypen website you pay for the full website in two payments, once both have been made this is everything that you will need to purchase apart from any hosting or subscriptions.

If you were to build a website with Wix you would find yourself forking out money every month until you decide that you don’t want the website.


I hope this is of help to whoever is reading this, as always feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or have a project in mind.