How and why we started Hypen

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Website Design and Development has always been something that has really interested me from a young age, I have always been a ‘Techie’ and designing Websites was one of the first modules I studied when I was younger. It’s safe to say the Websites that I designed when I was in Secondary School weren’t as Functional or presentable as they are now, but it takes time as it does with anything!

Designing my first Websites

The first piece of Software I used to Develop Websites was Dreamweaver, neither myself or any of my friends were a big fan of this software – it felt very clunky and really limited our potential when it came to Developing Websites. Ever since then I have always looked at different Software and Platforms that I can use to Develop Bespoke Websites, after looking around I found that there were a lot of sites that were very User friendly but were very limited in terms of Functionality. This is when I decided to take up Coding in Javascript, C# and HTML – I absolutely loved it as I could really maximise the Functionality and Potential in the site that I was developing. At this stage I was only developing Website for learning.


After completing Sixth form I then made a big decision to study at University, a decision that I didn’t think I wanted to do in the beginning but I was so so happy that I did – best decision of my life. At University I studied Computer Science as I wanted to enhance my Technical knowledge and it was an Industry that I have always had an interest in. At University I studied many modules on Coding, Parallel Programming, Website Development and many more – all of the modules were extremely interesting and really helped enhance my knowledge in the Technical industry. After three years of hard work and many long shifts in the Computer Labs, I was very happy to find out that I received a First in Computer Science – my proudest moment and something that I will cherish forever.

Starting Hypen

Now that I have got the background story out of the way, I can talk about Hypen! After completing University and completing many Website Development courses – myself and a few friends then decided that we should utilise this knowledge and passion we had for Websites and start a Business. This is something that we talked about for a long time before making the jump and starting a new chapter. We wanted to start a Business as we knew that we had the Knowledge to work in this Industry and it was something that we enjoyed doing any hour of the day.

While doing research on Website Development companies we found that there were a lot of Companies Developing Websites with pre-built Templates and selling them for a very low cost, this was one of the reasons why we wanted to start a Business – we saw that there were so many Websites being mass produced but with no Bespoke aspect or Functionality to them. Meaning that the client of one of these Websites would be very disappointed with the outcome as their site won’t be getting the Traffic they want, that’s the whole point of a website – it needs to be User friendly and be able to get the message across via a Website!